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Interview with Jayaram Komati

Andhra Pradesh is one of the many states in the country that has strictly taken initiatives with respect to the welfare of women, children, and senior citizens. Apart from other developments, the state has now woven its path towards improving the infrastructure in every village present across the state under the headship of N Chandrababu Naidu Garu, CM of Andhra Pradesh.

 Naina Mishra, has conducted an exclusive interview with the renowned NRI businessman Shri. Jayaram Komati to know more about the fascinating initiative- AP Janmabhoomi project.

The essence of the initiative lies in bridging the gap between Telugu NRI community and government of Andhra Pradesh and to purge the healthcare, education and sanitation problems in the vicinity. Mr. Naidu thus appointed Shri. Jayaram Komati as the Special Representative for North America to aid the purpose emphasised in AP Janmabhoomi Project.

In the era of modernization and advancement, the state has resorted to the digitisation of the classroom to meet the quality of education with global standards, thus leading the way through establishing the first milestone in the project by installing the digital system of education in 1500 schools.

This is a remarkable step towards the betterment of education sector and even praiseworthy for the contributions made by NRI community. It shows the abound love of the NRI for their motherland. The feedback from teachers and students is affirmative.

Students are able to retain lectures as compared to the latter system of education and teachers seem to relish the resources more efficiently and optimally. The teaching sessions have become interactive and interesting with the help of the initiative. A fifth class student cited “Very interesting, informative. I am also able to remember things longer now due to the pictures shown in the PPT.” It has been reported that the attendance percentage of students have hiked as compared to previously.

Mr Komati: We have more than one million Telugu living in North America, even though we are living in North America our heart and soul is indebted to our motherland, undoubtedly. Our leader Mr. Chandrababu Naidu initiated this project to connect the NRI to our motherland. Since we have more than a million Telugu in North America, we need to connect them to our villages so that the government gets financial assistance to rebuild Andhra Pradesh.

Naina: How successful have the project digitization of classrooms been in the villages?

Mr Komati: Mr . Naidu’s vision is to make public school equivalent to private school. When I used to go to school back then, the schools were fully equipped. Since the arrival of private institutions, the government became sluggish and did not take proper care of the public schools, thus his intention is to bring the public school to match the level of the private school. So far we have done 1500 schools out of 5000 schools in Andhra Pradesh. These classrooms will have projectors, screen and the content with respect to the grade and subject. The teacher can now teach with ease and students are more benefitted.

Naina: How is the project aiming to secure the welfare of women?

Mr Komati: This is what our second project is about, it is called Anganwadi center. In every village , there is Anganwadi center funded by the government. It is strictly constricted to the welfare of women and child. If the women want to go to work, she can leave her child at the Anganwadi center. In the meantime, all the child care will be provided in the center itself. Even the pregnant women can get nutrition from these centers. The government now wants to build 7000 Anganwadi building and us as NRI help the government with financial aid. This will enable these women to reside in more sophisticated place.

Mr Komati: Being a part of government I don’t see any setback as each project takes time and it is a constructive process. Everybody responds well and is cooperative. Though it is time-consuming but we are on a right track. We are hopeful that we can do much better in the coming year.

Naina: What are the future plans for meeting the objectives?

Mr Komati: It is the never ending process. My goal is to connect as many NRI as possible with our villages. The entire state of Andhra Pradesh has only 13,000 villages. With over half a million Andhra people living in North America, it doesn’t seem unattainable. Probably with greater involvement we will come up with different models. The job isn’t over with building 7000 Anganwadi for say. There is a huge space to be filled. We can do as much as possible.

Albeit living in any part of the world, the bondage of Telugu Community to its motherland is always there. With the help of the mechanism initiated by the government, the results can bear fruit. All is needed is a gripping support from NRI community in North America to come forward and give back to the motherland.

‘AP Janmabhoomi’ is an initiative taken by the government of Andhra Pradesh with a motto ‘janmabhoomi maa voru’ (give back to the motherland).The initiative has marked conspicuous changes from the digitization of classrooms to gestation care of women in the Anganwadi centers. The project in exceptional in terms of serving the motherland to nurture the needs. According to the project, the Andhra Pradesh Government will contribute 70 percent of the total cost and the rest 30 percent is funded by NRIs who want to help the motherland.


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