बच्चों में कैसे सुधारें MOBILE-INTERNET ज्यादा यूज करने की आदत ?

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Pratishtha Trivedi:

Children have been spending a lot of time on Mobiles, laptops-tablets ot Internet. However, it can have negative impact on their physical and mental health. So, it’s important that parents take steps to limit the amount of time kids spent on these gadgets and help them understand the impact of it.

Here are some tips to manage mobile habits in children:-
1. Children have been spending increasing time on mobiles, laptops, tablets
2. Important to reduce it as it can have negative impact on health
3. Set a good example by reducing own mobile/tablet use
4. Do not give children person mobiles/tablets before appropriate age
5. Set time limits and rules on where they can use these gadgets
6. Be consistent in rule following and adjust according to child’s schedule
7. Encourage other activities such as hobbies and physical games and activities
8. Discuss the impact of gadgets use, and answer all their questions
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