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Womeniaworld.com focuses on bringing the news on Indian diaspora. (Indian living abroad) Indian Diaspora are those people who have left India and moved to other countries of the world. They are spread in many countries of the world. On the strength of their talent, they have also made their identity in the abroad.Wherever the migrant Indians are, they play an important role in deciding the economic and political condition and direction of that country and they keep their Indian cultural heritage intact too.Due to the success of the Diaspora Indians, today India is emerging as an economic powerhouse in the economic world. Our purpose is to tell Indians about the achievements of migrant women and men due to which India's name is being illuminated in that country. Also, to bring all the developments and news that is related to Indian immigrants. If you also know about Indian diaspora who has made his own identity abroad by his own talent, then tell us.

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