About Us


Who we are

Celebrating the spirit of womanhood, Womeniaworld was launched in August 2016 as a digital platform encompassing the myriad aspects of a woman’s life. The platform serves as a single point storehouse of resources and information on issues relevant and pertinent to women. Covering news, social issues, entertainment, relationship, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tourism and diaspora sections related to and impacting women.

womeniaworld.com is all about women, This is run by Pratishtha Communications Pvt Ltd. With 90 percent women on board Womeniaworld’s team exemplifies women empowerment in true sense.

It has its headquarters in Delhi and writers who contribute for Womenia are spread out in more than a dozen cities. Womeniaworld also has a multidisciplinary team of thematic experts including, Doctors, Writers, Artists, Professors, Journalists, Fashion designers and senior journalists who regularly contribute by writing informative articles.

What we do

The platform seeks to not only advocate for the rights of women and consciously help them access correct information to realize these rights. Sharing factually correct and sensitively written stories of women by women themselves.

The platform aims to motivate, inspire and empower women to celebrate their womanhood and femininity in body, mind and spirit. By bringing to the fore stories of real-life and often unsung heroes Womeniaworld also aims to connect women from different parts of the country and abroad with each other.

Why should you access Womeniaworld platform

At Womeniaworld you will find resources and information to inform, entertain and educate yourself. Thorough this platform you will be able to connect with other women, share experiences and learn about how women across the country are succeeding in their lives or taking on challenges head on.

As an experience sharing platform, Womeniaworld sensitises readers on issues about women. The real-life stories of women presented on the platform aims to encourage women to embrace their femininity and truly nurture it in body, mind and spirit. At Womeniaworld we work towards helping women access relevant information which empowers them to be proud of themselves and become a force of change.


Menstruation is still a taboo subject in India. Even now, women are considered “impure” during their period, subjected to social, religious and cultural restrictions. These practices have resulted in a culture of silence around the subject of period hygiene

To spread awareness on this problem in society, ‘Womeniaworld.com’ and ‘Muheem’ and Loksamiti (an organization ) we completed #MyFirstBlood campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to know the first menstrual experience from the adolescents and women, to find out what they learned during this time and how did they feel?

Contribute and be a part of Womeniaworld

Womeniaworld invites you to send in profiles of woman achievers, successful women entrepreneurs and women who have overcome obstacles or demonstrated courage to rise above their circumstances and set examples for other to follow. You can send your poems, stories, paintings, videos, films and any creative work to be showcased on the platform.

You can also share your own story of surmounting a challenge andor a recent achievement and how it helped you to become a more resilient and strong. Womeniaworld will also be happy to showcase your story if you are working for a cause or are associated with movement to bring a change for societal good.

We are constantly trying correct and improve

Womeniaworld also seeks your feedback ideas, tips to improve the online platform in terms of design, user interface and content.