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We aim to help the new Indian woman break free of limitations, and disempowering thinking, get in touch with her own needs, and achieve balance and harmony in all areas of her life and get connected to the news world also. As say –Knowledge is Power .


Now in India scenario is changing and the women are now more active , participating in each and every activity of the life, but still not getting its due. The new Indian woman is learning to live life on her own terms, and to value her own needs as much as her partner’s. Both, family and society, benefit when a women learns to take care of her own needs, because she is then better able to care for her family and loved ones.

As women, we have many roles to play. We are the nurturers, mothers, wives, lovers, career-women, daughters, friends. In the process of multi-tasking and giving to others in our lives, stress takes its toll – on us, as well as our families.

Indian women need more role models to inspire them. Besides a few well-known names, we know precious little about the thousands of women in our society who have silently and courageously overcome the limitations imposed on them by archaic attitudes and challenging circumstances.

At you’ll find resources and information to empower yourself, connect with other women, experience your feminine power and nurture yourself, in body, mind and spirit. We will empower you to be proud of who you are, to transform yourself and become someone who can make a difference and be a force for change. invites you to send in profiles of woman achievers, successful women entrepreneurs and women who have overcome obstacles or demonstrated courage to rise above their circumstances and get where they are today. You can send your poems, stories, paintings, videos, films and any creative work. You can share your own story, how it helps you to become a more powerful, strong and a change woman. You can be part of the any movement to help the women and to change in the society. You can send the videos,pictures, selfies with your daughter as PM’s campaign. Please share your ideas ,your tips ,complains and your ideas to improve the womeniaworld and world of women both. Language is not the barrier ,you can send it in Hindi or English.

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वुमनिया....यानि आपकी दुनिया, आगे बढ़ने का विश्वास, आपकी ताकत और आपकी आवाज़. सच्चे मायनों में हम ही समझते हैं अपनी वुमनिया को और उसकी मुश्किलों को. हम साथ हैं आपके संघर्ष में, आपके सफर में, आपके जुनून में, आपकी जिद में, हमें गर्व है आपकी जीत पर, आपकी उपलब्धियों पर और आपकी सफलता पर.