How to manage result anxiety?


Result anxiety-Stressed about exam results? Keep these things in mind while you wait for your exam results.

 Tips to manage result anxiety:-

  1. Feeling anxious about results is normal.

2. If too anxious and constantly stressed about results then take help.

3. You have given your best and done your part.

4. No single result or marks can define your future-in the long term these marks aren’t as significant.

Tips to manage result anxiety for parents:-

1. As parents, don’t pressurise your child with your own expectations.

2. Don’t compare with other children, each child has own strengths and abilities.

3. Your child is not you, respect their own choices and interest.

4. If your child is too stressed, take professional help.

5. If result isn’t as per your expectations, don’t panic.

6. No single result is as significant as your own self and your strengths .

7. Explore options with teachers, parents, friends.

8. Hard work and efforts can help you achieve your dreams.




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