Phullu, A Movie Based On Menstruation Gets ‘A’ Certificate.


Riwa Singh:
In the society we live, having PMS is a problem and hiding the PMS is another problem. If you’re suffering from fever or headache, you can talk over it, you can scream over it. But if you are dying out of pain of those menstrual cramps, just zip your lips. Shhh! Nobody should know about it! Even a microscopic stain on your dress should make you to worry like hazard. You are NOT allowed to touch those spicy pickles or to worship the almighty God because you’re bleeding. There are more taboos and there are people who keep opposing them. 

Abhishek Saxena came up with a movie based on menstruation and hygiene – Phullu. It’s all about the do’s and don’ts, the type of napkins and sanitation and the taboos but you aren’t allowed to watch it if you are below eighteen, thanks to the super-genius and super-cultured CBFC that has granted it an ‘A’ certificate. You can read about menstruation in class eighth, you can start menstruating in class eighth but you are not allowed to know about it through the movie if you are not eighteen. When teenage girls go through PMS initially, they are extremely worried. When boys see those stains in teenage, they are more curious, here begins the hide and seek formula and at this point of time proper education and information is a MUST. But the sanskari censor board has nothing to do with it.

And imagine that a movie which is more related to information and awareness has been given an ‘A’ certificate. Issues like menstruation and hygiene have been put to the adult category which consists things like porn. Is the  ‘sanskari’ certification board serious about the fact? Can we afford to nourish a ‘culture’ which ignores the basics elements of hygiene in the name of ‘civil sense’? I’m eager to know about the adultness of menstruation if any. Isn’t there the need to change the CBFC instead of choosing the movies which have been brought to us? This is the nation where we talk about stopping open defecation. This is the society which has to get serious about safe sex. They (and obviously we) are the people who want the coming generation to get sex education. 

We are eager to talk about good and bad napkins and the diseases caused by them on the soil which raises its brows in the name of stains. Thanks a ton CBFC! Thanks for being the truest element of the land. 

(Courtesy-from Fb of Riwa Singh)